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    Sepsis (Septicaemia) Conditions

    septicaemia septicaemic shock sepsis blood poisoning

    Sepsis (Septicaemia) Professional

    Septic shock is associated with particularly profound circulatory, cellular and metabolic abnormalities, with a greater risk of mortality than with sepsis alone. , septicaemia septicaemic...

    Gas Gangrene Professional

    Patients may also present in septicaemic shock with tachycardia, hypotension, fever, and stupor. Differential diagnosis This includes: Necrotising fasciitis , in the early sta...

    Dealing with Shock Conditions

    Dealing with Shock, Shock (not to be confused with emotional shock) is a life-threatening condition which happens when the body isn't getting enough flow of blood. , ...

    Puerperal Pyrexia Professional

    Severe sepsis with acute organ dysfunction has a mortality rate of 20-40%, rising to around 60% if septicaemic shock develops. [ 9 ] Genital tract infection may lead to abscess formati...

    Cardiogenic Shock Professional

    Cardiogenic Shock, History of previous infarction, peripheral vascular disease, cerebrovascular disease and multi-vessel atheroma increases the likelihood of the development of cardiogenic ...

    Febrile Convulsions Professional

    Contra-indications to LP Reduced consciousness (GCS <13 or falling consciousness level). Septicaemic shock (poor perfusion, tachycardia, low blood pressure). Likely invasive m...

    Resuscitation in Hypovolaemic Shock Professional

    Resuscitation in Hypovolaemic Shock, Physiologically, three stages of hypovolaemic shock are recognised [ 5 ] : Compensated shock : baroreceptor reflexes result in in...

    Toxic Shock Syndrome Professional

    Toxic Shock Syndrome, Synonyms: TSS, streptococcal toxic shock-like syndrome (STSS), 'toxic strep' Definition Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is a multisystem i...

    Intussusception in Adults Professional

    Sepsis and septicaemia. Shock (septicaemic or haemorrhagic).

    Dealing with Fractures Conditions

    Keep checking the casualty for signs of shock. This does not mean emotional shock, but is a life-threatening condition, often caused by losing blood.

    Plague Professional

    Occasionally they may suppurate. Septicaemic plague - there is usually no evidence of lymph node involvement. The infection spreads into the blood and septic shock ensues.

    Dealing with an Allergic Reaction Conditions

    Signs of shock. What you need to do If you notice these symptoms and you think someone is having an allergic reaction then you need to get emergency help to get them to hospital...

    Tennis Elbow Conditions

    Damage to the tendon around your elbow (this is very rare).  Shock wave therapy Shock wave therapy using high-energy sound waves is sometimes used to treat tennis...

    Spinal Disc Problems Conditions

    This keeps the vertebrae separated and acts as a shock absorber. As we get older the spinal discs gradually become damaged and this can cause problems such as back pain.

    Shin Splints (Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome) Conditions

    Rest is the most important treatment. Shock-absorbent insoles in your training shoes, graduated running programmes and regularly replacing your training footwear may help in prevention.

    Salivary Gland Stones (Salivary Calculi) Conditions

    It may still be needed if therapeutic sialendoscopy is not an available option, or if it fails. Shock wave treatment (lithotripsy) may be an option. This uses ultrasound waves to break u...

    Diaphragms and Caps Conditions

    If you have ever had toxic shock syndrome. If you have HIV or AIDS (or are at high risk of HIV infection). This is because diaphragms and caps should be used with spermicide and this sho...

    Heel and Foot Pain (including Plantar Fasciitis) Conditions

    Extracorporeal shock-wave therapy In extracorporeal shock-wave therapy, a machine is used to deliver high-energy sound waves through your skin to the painful area on your foot.

    Tendinopathy and Tenosynovitis (Tendinosis) Conditions

    These include: Shock-wave therapy . This uses high-energy sound waves to treat the condition. A special device allows the shock waves to be passed through your skin to the affected are...

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