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  1. Tennis Elbow


    Tennis Elbow, Golfer's elbow is the name given to a similar condition that produces pain around the inner side of your elbow. What causes tennis elbow? The site of...

  2. Tennis Elbow

    Decision Aid

    Tennis Elbow, tennis elbow decision aid

  3. Tennis Elbow Exercises


    Tennis Elbow Exercises, This leaflet provides simple exercises that may help with tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is caused by a strain to the tendons in your forearm. Yo...

  4. Tennis Elbow and Golfer's Elbow


    Tennis Elbow and Golfer's Elbow, Synonyms: lateral epicondylitis ( tennis elbow ), medial epicondylitis ( golfer's elbow ) Tennis elbow ...

  5. Getting to grips with tennis elbow


    Getting to grips with tennis elbow, And if we do, we put ourselves at risk of the misery of tennis elbow. You have two 'epicondyles' at each elbow - they're t...

  6. Elbow Problems

    Forums Group

    Elbow Problems, Advice for tennis elbow Iv been told by the doctor Iv got tennis elbow, it's extremely painful but I am allergic to anti inflammatory medication, so have a big problem, d...

  7. Elbow-Side View (diagram)


    Elbow-Side View (diagram), elbow problems tennis elbow lateral epicondylitis epicondylitis

  8. Steroid Injections


    They can also be used for some conditions affecting soft tissues, like tendon inflammation or tennis elbow. Steroid injections can be very effective but should be used with other treatment...

  9. Tendon attention - holding it all together


    One or both of these conditions is responsible for tennis elbow , repetitive strain injury , heel and ankle pain and some kinds of shoulder pain. , tendonitis tendon rupture repetiti...

  10. Tendinopathy and Tenosynovitis


    Golfer's elbow (medial epicondylitis) . This is similar to tennis elbow but the pain is felt on the inner side of your elbow.

  11. Joint Pain


    Problems with other tissues around the joint - these include: Knee : see separate leaflets called  Knee Pain (Patellofemoral Pain) , Housemaid's Knee (Prepatellar Bursitis) , K...

  12. Shared Decision Making – it matters to you


    The conditions or topics are: smoking cessation , leg cramps , menorrhagia (heavy periods) , irritable bowel syndrome , tennis elbow , enlarged prostate , plantar fasciitis (heel/foot ...

  13. Brief Decision Aids

    We currently have advice for the following conditions and medical choices; Smoking cessation Tennis elbow Carpal tunnel syndrome Leg cramps Enlarged prostate Contra...

  14. Student's Elbow (Olecranon Bursitis)


    Student's Elbow (Olecranon Bursitis), For example, when it occurs in people who study whilst leaning on their elbows on a desk, it is called 'student's elbow'...

  15. Ultrasound Scan


    For example, ultrasound scans are used to help diagnose: Frozen shoulder Tennis elbow Morton's neuroma Carpal tunnel syndrome Detect abnormal widening of bloo...

  16. Elbow Injuries and Fractures


    Elbow Injuries and Fractures, Clinical features The patient presents with swelling over the lateral elbow with limited range of motion, particularly forearm rotation and el...

  17. Elbow Joint Replacement


    Elbow Joint Replacement, Synonyms: total elbow arthroplasty, endoprosthetic elbow replacement Unlike hip and knee joint replacements, which are performed thousands of...

  18. Sports Injuries


    Injuries, strains and tears to the biceps and triceps muscles can occur in those who use their arms in sport. Elbow pain Pain on the outside of the elbow (lateral e...

  19. Carpal Tunnel

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    Stem cells for Carpal tunnel and tennis elbow Hello I was wondering if anyone has tried stem cells injections for PRP to heal they're carpal tunnel or tennis elbow?

  20. Elbow joint (diagram)


    Elbow joint (diagram), elbow problems