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    Causes of Memory Loss and Dementia Conditions

    Causes of Memory Loss and Dementia, Other symptoms of depression include: A low mood for most of the time. Loss of enjoyment and interest in life. Abnormal sadness. We...

    Gastrointestinal Malabsorption Conditions

    More severe or persistent malabsorption may lead to: Tiredness (fatigue) : because of a lack of energy and essential vitamins absorbed from food. Weight loss : if you can't a...

    Antithyroid Medicines Conditions

    The best and healthiest way to lose weight is to eat healthily.  See the separate leaflet called Weight Loss (Weight Reduction) for help on losing weight.

    Cough Conditions

    Do you have a high temperature (fever), weight loss or sweats? Have you lost weight? Have you been in contact with anyone with TB or travelled abroad recently?

    Hearing Loss of Older People (Presbyacusis) Conditions

    Hearing Loss of Older People (Presbyacusis), Presbyacusis (sometimes written presbycusis) is the medical term for hearing loss that occurs in older people as they age. It is the most...

    Hodgkin's Lymphoma Conditions

    Various other symptoms may develop and these include: Fever and sweats (especially at night). Weight loss. Tiredness. Poor appetite. Looking pale and easily getting out of b...

    Bupropion (Zyban) Conditions

    Bupropion weight loss Some people experience weight loss when taking bupropion. However, the effect on body weight is variable and your weight may stay the same or even increase w...

    Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Conditions

    With women the problem is usually caused by pregnancy, but is greatly aggravated by weight loss . The muscles of the abdominal wall may be weakened by pregnancy and actually pulled apart in ...

    Giardia Conditions

    Tiredness, feeling sick (nausea), reduced appetite and weight loss can occur as well as belching, bloating and heartburn. Vitamin deficiencies can also develop in chronic infection.

    Type 2 Diabetes Diet Conditions

    What are the benefits of weight loss if you're overweight? Losing weight if you're overweight can greatly improve your blood sugar (glucose) levels.

    Nausea and Vomiting Conditions

    If you vomit blood or have unexplained problems like weight loss or difficulty swallowing, you should see your GP urgently. The most common causes are mentioned below.

    Children's Cancers Conditions

    High temperature (fever). Weight loss. See also separate leaflet called Childhood Leukaemias. Brain cancer and spinal tumours Brain cancers and spinal cancers are the secon...

    Loss of Libido Professional

    Loss of Libido, The following are likely to need consideration: What does the patient mean by loss of sexual drive? Is it loss of the will or loss of the way?...

    Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Conditions

    Episodes of high temperature (fevers). Weight loss. Tiredness. Being off food. Anaemia. Itch all over the body. Various other symptoms may develop if the lymphoma occurs ...

    Fever and Night Sweats Conditions

    It is likely that you experience other symptoms such as fevers and weight loss if this is the underlying cause. See separate leaflet called Hodgkin's Lymphoma . Overactive thyroid gla...

    Spinal Disc Problems Conditions

    High temperature (fever) or unexplained weight loss. Recent infection (for example, urinary tract infection). Drug abuse when the drug is injected into a vein.

    Persistent Nausea or Vomiting Conditions

    This is more common in people with diabetes, people who have had weight-loss surgery and in Parkinson's disease. Pyloric stenosis (in babies) . Liver disease - for example,...

    Neuroblastoma Conditions

    The symptoms will often include tiredness, high temperature (fever), weight loss and loss of appetite. Other symptoms again depend on which part of the body is affected: Bon...

    Chronic Persistent Cough in Adults Conditions

    Particularly see your doctor if you have a cough along with: Weight loss Chest pain Breathing problems Sweats. What will the doctor do? When you have a lingering cough...

    Anorexia Nervosa Conditions

    A person with anorexia nervosa deliberately loses weight and often finds that food dominates their life. The weight loss may become severe and life-threatening.