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    Citalopram week 9... Forums Discussion

    I personally was diagnosed with gastroenteritis by out of hours Dr last August and a week later I was rushed into hospital and nearly died from a burst appendix!

    'undiagnosable' abdominal pain. | Page 4 Forums Discussion

    I am a 38 year old female and on my birthday this year, I ended up in the ER with gastroenteritis. Severe middle upper abdominal pain continued for months. I have had a history of vomiting...

    Heart rate troubles nearing end Forums Discussion

    I'm quite sure I've had gastroenteritis. At work on Saturday in between shifts I ate take away food with my bare hands and I work milking cows Sunday I slept all day and night and was...

    Unwell for around 6 months now! Gastritis/Duodenitis/ other things Forums Discussion

    I started developing stomach and back pain pretty severe with a temperature etc, doctors thought it may be gastroenteritis gave me meds didnt help, then they treated me for a UTI and gave me ...

    High heart rate nearing end of bowel infection Forums Discussion

    I'm quite sure I've had gastroenteritis. At work on Saturday in between shifts I ate take away food with my bare hands and I work milking cows Sunday I slept all day and night and was...

    Bloating, nausea etc. Can anyone help? Forums Discussion

    If you’re vomiting and have diarrhoea then it could be a case of gastroenteritis or an infection. Try eating smaller meals, bland foods. Sometimes a stomach illness can leave you with digesti...

    Mid foot fusion. Forums Discussion

    My 5 year old had 4 days of distressing gastroenteritis last weekend. Looking after him screaming in pain on crutches was so hard as I could not rest as much as I wanted.

    Help me with my **possible** perioral dermatitis | Page 5 Forums Discussion

    I have had gastroenteritis 8 times over the past 2 years and countless urinary tract infections and viruses not to mention daily abdominal pains, nausea and gastro reflux.

    Help me with my **possible** perioral dermatitis | Page 11 Forums Discussion

    Consumption of probiotics is normally effective in preventing or treating gastroenteritis including rotavirus, inflammatory bowel disorders, skin disorders and in preventing or lessening side...

    weird symptoms doctors don't know Forums Discussion

    i'll try to make this as descriptive but as short as possible (i have ibs and acid reflux and have been sick with either one or both for 2 years now) today is dec 21 thursday night - on monday nig...

    Constant Nausea and Vomiting for 2 years now. Doctors are no help. Forums Discussion

    This seems like gastroenteritis of which the cause is usually viral or bacterial. This doesn't usually drag on for 2 years though...

    help please chest and shoulder back pain Forums Discussion

    My GP thinks I might have a hiatus hernia (I had twins 8 years ago) but the nurse was more interested in a bout of gastroenteritis I had 18 months ago! This is why I find this site very reass...

    Got my first colonoscopy next week and is so scared anyone had this without sedation Forums Discussion

    But in November I developed a bug.. gastroenteritis which flared everything up. I was bleeding heavily and feeling nauseous but put it down to the bug.

    How I cured my vulvodynia Forums Discussion

    My breakthrough came about when I had a bout of gastroenteritis and couldn't eat for about four days.  During that time my vulvadynia eased, until by the third day the symptoms had e...

    Uncomfortable feeling Under Left Lower Ribs and varying bowel movements | Page 2 Forums Discussion

    And then I ended up catching a gastroenteritis. Which made me vomit and diahhareah profusely for about 6 hours. Followed by three or four days of sickness.

    Pressure in head!!!!!!! | Page 2 Forums Discussion

    X, Hi Sonia, please try not to worry about this too much , I only say this because I have exactly the same syptoms , I lost my mum & suffered with stress for quite a while , I now have gas...

    Sudden reduced seminal fluid Forums Discussion

    I've been on a diet restricted to bland food after gastroenteritis and have discovered less seminal fluid and a reduced sexual drive, what could be the cause of this?

    why do i constantly feel nausea? | Page 6 Forums Discussion

    I also had a previous bout with gastroenteritis that has come back and put me into (PI IBS) Post Infectious IBS. It can be triggered by some form of stomach bug or virus.

    Nausea 12 weeks after gallbladder removal Forums Discussion

    I have recently had gastroenteritis and recovery isnt happening very well.  I want to ask gp for something for this, people,say zofran is good.

    Not yet diagnosed properly Forums Discussion

    Stupid gastroenteritis setting me back :-(  hope you both feel better soon!, Hi Rosie,
 ​I hope you feel better too.