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    Suspect Endometriosis but I'm not sure. Help! Forums Discussion

    I'm just so tired of going to the doctor and having them tell me that I just have IBS or Gastroenteritis or just tell me to take some anti-inflammatories. SO IRRITATING. 

    why do i constantly feel nausea? | Page 6 Forums Discussion

    I also had a previous bout with gastroenteritis that has come back and put me into (PI IBS) Post Infectious IBS. It can be triggered by some form of stomach bug or virus.

    Is it necessary to get a gallbladder removed for a stone of 3mm? Forums Discussion

    My tum never did get better. Gastroenteritis (as I was told), at the same time as the gallbladder. Symptoms are same as bowel cancer.

    Gastroenteritis without persistent diarrhea / vomitting? Forums Discussion

    Gastroenteritis without persistent diarrhea / vomitting?, Does this sound like gastroenteritis? Most things I have read seem to suggest it is accompanied by constant diarrhea and / o...

    Recent Svt Forums Discussion

    During this time I had gastroenteritis so I was feeling poorly, I was extremely dehydrated also, after svt I was very fatigued and tired for several days.

    I've had stomach pain and bloating Forums Discussion

    At the time symptoms started were you recovering from a cold or a bout of gastroenteritis by any chance?

    Mid foot fusion. Forums Discussion

    My 5 year old had 4 days of distressing gastroenteritis last weekend. Looking after him screaming in pain on crutches was so hard as I could not rest as much as I wanted.

    IBS? Forums Discussion

    I also had before all these problems I had very bad gastroenteritis twice and a urine infection and ever since then, been poorly. Best wishes Stephanie Kyte , Thanks Stephanie !

    Nausea just got way worse! What is the cause? What to do? Forums Discussion

    Please someone help me crack the case! Is it gastroenteritis, norovirus, food poisoning, sleep deprivation, or all caused by anxiety? Also, what should I do?

    Peppermint oil... Forums Discussion

    I've had IBS for years but recently I've had gastroenteritis and I have really bad bloating which isn't going away. My GP advised I try peppermint oil, I bought some liquid today...

    Abdominal problems getting worse Forums Discussion

    Went to my GP who diagnosed me with a gastroenteritis and gave me Omeprazol and some anti diarrhea drugs, although I didn't have any.

    Nauseated and slight acid reflux Forums Discussion

    I was diagnosed with Viral Gastroenteritis a few weeks ago but that seems to have cleared now. I am now just suffering from extreme severe nausea in the mornings.

    I have been on 80mg daily of omeprozol for 2 years and want to get off. Forums Discussion

    She has helped others come off of Omeprazole at the request of their gastroenteritis.  I am hoping to manage my reflux with digestive enzymes, but we will see.  There are a lot of s...

    30 years of taking Lansaprozole Forums Discussion

    After three A & E visits, an x-ray each time and being dismissed with gastroenteritis, it transpires after a CT scan that I have a 6" x 4" tumour (cancer) growing from the tail ...

    Roundworm. Forums Discussion

    Repeated bouts of 'gastroenteritis', scratching her skin till she made herself bleed, night sweats and was generally really unwell with coughs & conjunctivitis.

    Gastro and Heart Palps Forums Discussion

    Then a few weeks later my girlfriend came down with gastroenteritis (probably contracted by our son in daycare) and she ended up in the ER. They gave her IV fluids and sent her on her way.

    Got my first colonoscopy next week and is so scared anyone had this without sedation Forums Discussion

    But in November I developed a bug.. gastroenteritis which flared everything up. I was bleeding heavily and feeling nauseous but put it down to the bug.

    Sudden reduced seminal fluid Forums Discussion

    I've been on a diet restricted to bland food after gastroenteritis and have discovered less seminal fluid and a reduced sexual drive, what could be the cause of this?

    Special Diets Forums Discussion

    and I accidentally found out that I was sensitive to the solanacea family of foods (potato, tomato, chilli, capsicum, eggplant, tobacco) when I was sick with gastroenteritis for a week and co...

    Is it Gastroenteritis? and is the medicine correct? any advice? Forums Discussion

    Is it Gastroenteritis? and is the medicine correct? any advice?, I believe he called it gastroenteritis and my mum said he said it was gastroenteritis, but I have ...