Support Groups by letter:D

DAA - Drug Addicts Anonymous UKDABS Pathfinder Service
Daisy NetworkDancing Eye Syndrome Support Trust
Daughters of EveDaycare Trust (childcare charity)
DBA UK - The UK Diamond Blackfan Anaemia Support GroupDC Network
DDRC - Diving Diseases Research CentreDeaf Education through Listening and Talking
Deaf Studies TrustDeafax (Communication for Deaf People)
Deafblind ScotlandDeafblind UK
DeafBooksDeafness Research UK
DeafPLUSDEBRA (Epidermolysis Bullosa Support)
DEFRADELTA - Deaf Education through Listening and Talking
DEMAND - Design and Manufacture for DisabilityDementia Friends
Dementia UKDental Complaints Service
Dental Fear CentralDental Phobia
Dental Services (NHS)Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Department for Work and PensionsDepartment of Health
Department of Health - ComplaintsDepend
Depression AllianceDepression Alliance Scotland
Depression UKDER - Disability Equipment Register Action Groups
Design and Manufacture for
DFSG - Duchenne Family Support GroupDHG - Down's Heart Group
Diabetes LifelineDiabetes Research & Wellness Foundation
Diabetes Support Forum UKDiabetes UK Foot Page - The - Disability Information and Advice Lines
Diamond Blackfan Anaemia Support GroupDietaryCard
Diethylstilbestrol ExposureDifferent Strokes
Digital-TrustDirect Enquiries
Disabilities Trust - TheDisability Action
Disability AllianceDisability Equipment Register
Disability Information and Advice Lines - DIALDisability Information Scotland
Disability Law ServiceDisability Now
Disability Positive JobsDisability Resource Team
Disability Rights UKDisability Services Online
Disability Snowsport UKDisability Sport Events
Disability WalesDisability, Pregnancy & Parenthood International
Disabled Access HolidaysDisabled Airport Guide
Disabled Living FoundationDisabled Motoring UK
Disabled Motorists FederationDisabled Parents Network
Disabled Photographers' SocietyDisabled Sailors Association - The
Disabled Workers Co-operativeDisabledGo
Disabledholidays.comDisaster Action
Disaway TrustDiving Diseases Research Centre
DLF - Disabled Living FoundationDLS - Disability Law Service
DM UK - Disabled Motoring UKDMF - The Disabled Motorists Federation
Dog AIDDogs for the Disabled
Dominic Barker Trust - TheDom's Fund
Donor Conception NetworkDorset Orthopaedic
Down Syndrome Education InternationalDown Syndrome Research Foundation
Down's Heart GroupDown's Syndrome Association
Down's Syndrome ScotlandDPN - Disabled Parents Network
DPS - Disabled Photographers' SocietyDrake Music
DreamflightDreams Come True Charity
Driver and Vehicle Licensing AgencyDRT - Disability Resource Team
Drug Addicts Anonymous UKDrugWise
DSA - Disabled Sailors AssociationDSA - Down's Syndrome Association
DSE - Disability Sport EventsDSF - Diabetes Support Forum UK
DSGB - Dysautonomia Society of Great BritainDSRF - Down's Syndrome Research Foundation
DST - Deaf Studies TrustDSUK - Disability Snowsport UK
Duchenne Family Support GroupDwarf Sports Association
DWP - Department for Work and PensionsDying Matters
Dysautonomia InternationalDysautonomia Society of Great Britain
Dyschondrosteosis and Madelung Wrist DeformityDyscover
Dyscovery CentreDyslexia Action
Dyspraxia FoundationdysTalk
Dystonia Society - The