Support Groups by letter:R

R&RA - The Relatives & Residents AssociationRABI- The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution
RAD - Royal Association for Deaf PeopleRADAR
RAFT - Restoration of Appearance & Function TrustRainbow Centre For Children - The
Rainbow HouseRainbow Trust Children's Charity
RANS - Ritual Abuse Network ScotlandRape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre
Rape Crisis England and WalesRape Crisis Help (Ireland)
Rape Crisis ScotlandRapid Effective Assistance for Children with potentially Terminal illness
RAPt - The Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoners TrustRare Cancer Alliance
Rare Chromosome Disorder Support GroupRareConnect
Rarer Cancers FoundationRASASC - Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre
RathboneRavenscourt Treatment Centre
Raynaud's and Scleroderma AssociationRCA - Rare Cancer Alliance
RCAS - Regional Communication Aid ServiceRCF - Rarer Cancers Foundation
RCF - Ruby Care FoundationRCGP - Royal College of General Practitioners
RCGP Patient Partnership GroupRCHM - Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine
RCM - Royal College of MidwivesRCN - Royal College of Nursing
RCOA - Royal College of AnaesthetistsRCOG Patient Information
RCOPHTH - Royal College of OphthalmologistsRCP - Royal College of Physicians
RCPATH - Royal College of PathologistsRCPCH - Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
RCPsych - Royal College of PsychiatristsRCR - The Royal College of Radiologists
RCS EnglandRCSLT - Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists
RD4U - Road For YouRDA - Riding for the Disabled Association
Reach Charity Ltd - Association for Children with Upper Limb DeficiencyREACT - Rapid Effective Assistance for Children with potentially Terminal illness
Reading Well Books on PrescriptionReal Life Options
Recovery RoadRed Robin Trust
RefugeRegional Communication Aid Service
Regional VoicesRegister of Chinese Herbal Medicine
Rehab UKRehabilitation for Addicted Prisoners Trust
Relapsing Polychondritis Support GroupRelate
Relate for Parents and FamiliesRelate Northern Ireland
Relationships ScotlandRelatives and Residents Association
Remap ScotlandRenal Association
RescareResearch Autism
Research Institute for Consumer Affairs - RICARe-Solv - Society for the Prevention of Solvent & Volatile Substance Abuse
Respect PhonelineRespond
Restless Legs Syndrome UKRestricted Growth Association
Resuscitation Council UKRethink Mental Illness
Retreat (Hospital) - TheRett UK
Reunite International Child Abduction CentreRevitalise
RF-Richmond FellowshipRGA - Restricted Growth Association
RHN - Royal Hospital for Neuro-DisabilityRica
Richmond FellowshipRiding for the Disabled Association
Rise AboveRitual Abuse Network Scotland
RLO - Real Life OptionsRLSS - Royal Life Saving Society UK
RLS-UKRNC - Royal National College for the Blind
RNIB - Royal National Institute of Blind PeopleRNIB Newsagent
RNID - Royal National Institute for Deaf PeopleRoadPeace
ROHBTS - Royal Orthopaedic Hospital Bone Tumour ServiceRoofie Foundation (The)
RoSPA - The Royal Society for the Prevention of AccidentsRough Guide to Accessible Britain
Rowan Organisation - TheRoy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation
Royal Association for Deaf PeopleRoyal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation
Royal BlindRoyal College of Anaesthetists - The
Royal College of General PractitionersRoyal College of Midwives - The
Royal College of NursingRoyal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Patient Information
Royal College of Ophthalmologists - TheRoyal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
Royal College of Pathologists - TheRoyal College of Physicians
Royal College of PsychiatristsRoyal College of Radiologists
Royal College of Speech & Language TherapistsRoyal College of Surgeons of England
Royal Hospital for Neuro-DisabilityRoyal Life Saving Society UK - The
Royal National College for the BlindRoyal National Institute for Deaf People
Royal National Institute of Blind PeopleRoyal Orthopaedic Hospital Bone Tumour Service
Royal Pharmaceutical SocietyRoyal School for Deaf Children
Royal Scottish Agricultural Benevolent InstitutionRoyal Society for Blind Children
Royal Society for the Prevention of AccidentsRoyal Voluntary Service
RP Fighting Blindness - The British Retinitis Pigmentosa SocietyRPS - Royal Pharmaceutical Society
RSA - Raynaud's and Scleroderma AssociationRSABI - Royal Scottish Agricultural Benevolent Institution
RSAUK - Rett Syndrome Association UKRSBC - Royal Society for Blind Children
RSI ActionRSVP - Retired & Senior Volunteer Programme
RTS - Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome UK Support GroupRubinstein-Taybi Syndrome UK Support Group
Ruby Care FoundationRYA Sailability