British Dyslexics

32 Chester Road West
Deeside Nr Chester

Tel: 01244 822884 or 01244 815552
Best time to telephone: normal office hours

British Dyslexics' purpose is to offer educational support to dyslexics and to provide cost effective free
information to parents, educational institutions and employers. British Dyslexics is a national charity which aims to help children and teenagers succeed in compulsory, further and higher education and believes that getting extra help should not depend on a parent's ability to pay. The charity is run mainly by dyslexics who have direct experience of the problems faced in education and employment.

The charity aims to help in the following ways:
  • Employing computer technology to provide information more cost effectively. For example, by building a database to connect dyslexic students with equal opportunities employers.
  • By raising the profile of dyslexia to improve understanding and provision of specialised help.
  • By providing web-based information on a variety of topics including the following:
    • Assessments.
    • Multi-sensory learning.
    • Reading, spelling.
    • Symptoms of dyslexia.
    • Testing for dyslexia.
    • Other sources of help.
    • Free Information pack available

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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