British Hypnotherapy Association

30 Cotsford Avenue
New Malden

Tel: 020 8942 3988 / 020 8579 5533

These hypnotherapy practitioners have had at least four years of training including having thorough therapy themselves, to help people with emotional problems, relationship difficulties, neurotic behaviour patterns, sex problems, psychogenic conditions, phobias, migraine, etc. They take on patients for emotional problems, not for medical ones, and they do not give medical treatment. Medical practitioners are able to refer patients to the Association, and many do so. The British Hypnotherapy Association is a non-profit professional organisation with the following aims:
  • To maintain a register of competent, qualified practitioners
  • To raise standards in the treatment of nervous problems
  • To care for the interest of patients and members
  • To collate and disseminate information on hypnotherapy

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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