British Medical Association


The British Medical Association (BMA) is a professional organisation for doctors. However, their website has some information for the general public. The website includes a 'patients and public' section with information on the following.
  • Patient participation groups in primary care
  • Polyclinics Q and A
  • Tracing a doctor
  • A-Z of common queries and useful websites
  • Checking that a doctor is registered to practise in the UK
  • Clinical trials in the UK
  • Doctors' training and qualifications
  • Finding a self-help group or patient organisation
  • How to raise concerns about your care
  • Information about local GP services
  • NHS hospital treatment and information about specialists
  • Why do GPs sometimes charge fees? Your questions answered
  • Occupational health - some common questions answered
  • Your medicines - useful sources of information
The BMA are unable to advise individuals about treatment for specific medical conditions, but can usually direct people to alternative sources of information or help.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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