Castle Craig Hospital

Castle Craig
Blyth Bridge
West Linton
EH46 7DH

Tel: 01721 722763 Fax: 01721 752662
Best time to telephone: normal office hours

Castle Craig Hospital is a healthcare facility which treats alcoholism and other addictions as a physical, mental and spiritual disease.

It is the object of treatment that patients should enjoy a good recovery and enhanced quality of life which we believe will be greatly assisted by an abstinent lifestyle and the on-going support of the Twelve Step programme. Treatment includes assessment, detoxification and intensive group and individual psychotherapy, lasting about six weeks.

Castle Craig Hospital is located in the countryside of the Scottish Borders, approximately 20 miles from Edinburgh. The property, which includes 50 acres of parkland and woods, is surrounded by the Borders hills, creating a relaxed and tranquil environment conducive to healing and recovery.

Each year the Castle Craig reunion provides a opportunity for former patients to meet with old friends and staff members and to listen to inspirational speeches and educational talks. Reunions take place at end of June annually.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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