CAE - Centre for Accessible Environments

70 South Lambeth Road

Tel: 020 7840 0125

The Centre for Accessible Environments (CAE) provides advice and information on making buildings and places accessible to all users, including disabled and older people, and on enhancing quality in design. Its purpose is to collect and disseminate information on inclusive building design, advance understanding of the environmental needs of disabled and older people, promote and publicise good practice, and improve the quality of building and product design.

CAE is a technical information and training resource for anyone with an interest in the built environment including the construction industry, providers of goods and services, care professions and disabled and older people. CAE provides a forum for collaborative dialogue between providers and users on how buildings and places can best be shaped to be inclusive to all.
  • CAE answers enquiries on all aspects of designing for accessibility including Approved Document M of the Building Regulations and the requirements of the Equality Act 2010. This service is provided free of charge.
  • CAE offers a wide range of training in access, often in partnership with other organisations and involving disabled people. Further details are available on their website.
  • CAE's House Adaptation Advisory Service can put individuals in touch with the services members who are design professionals who have expertise in access provision. This service is provided free of charge.
  • CAE produces a range of technical design guides and other publications including audit tools. Further details are available on their website.
  • CAE undertakes consultancy work, access auditing and access appraisals of buildings, premises and plans, as a method of funding charitable activities - CAE receives no funding.
  • CAE provides a base for the National Register of Access Consultants - an accreditation service for access professionals and advisory body to clients - Further details are available on the NRAC website:
  • Their work is not limited to the above please see their website for further information.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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