Centre for Fun and Families Ltd

177-179 Narborough Road

Tel: 0116 223 4254
Web: www.funandfamilies.co.uk

The national Centre for Fun and Families has been set up to assist families where parents are experiencing behaviour and communication difficulties with their children. The Centre aims to offer practical help to parents with children of all ages. Uniquely it provides services direct to families but also works alongside the staff of statutory and voluntary agencies. The main thrust of support to families is through the national promotion and formation of unique and effective group work programmes which have been designed to help parents with children of all ages. The Centre aims to equip workers with the necessary skills and resources to run the groups. Other aims of the Centre include the following.
  • To develop a constructive approach to parenting which emphasises positive ideas and images.
  • To promote a network of parent support groups.
  • To positively address issues of race, gender and disability in work with families.
  • To reduce stress within families by improving the coping and problem-solving abilities of parents.
  • To reinforce positive communication between children and parents and to encourage effective alternatives to physical punishment.
The Centre is actively involved in training staff from social services, education, and the Health Service and its resources are designed to assist potential group leaders. However these resources have also proved useful in individual work. A range of resources is available including booklets, video and audio material, training packs, and a parents' guide. The Centre has published two books: Promoting Positive Parenting and Promoting Positive Parenting of Teenagers, both available from the Centre.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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