Cinnamon Trust

10 Market Square Hayle Cornwall TR27 4HE

Tel: 01736 757900
Fax: 01736 757010
Best time to telephone: 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday

The Cinnamon Trust is a specialist national charity which makes arrangements to care for the pets of elderly, ill and disabled pet owners. It seeks to relieve the anxieties, problems and sometimes injustices, faced by elderly and terminally ill people and their pets, thereby saving a great deal of human sadness and animal suffering. The Trust's primary objective is to respect and preserve the treasured relationship between owners and their pets. Features of its service are as follows:
  • A national network of 14,000 community service volunteers has been established to provide practical help when any aspect of day to day care poses a problem - for example, walking the dog for a housebound owner.
  • A national fostering service is provided for pets whose owners face a spell in hospital. Volunteers take pets into their own homes and care for them until they can be reunited with their owner.
  • The Trust also provides long-term care for pets whose owners have died or moved to residential accommodation which will not accept pets, provided that the owner has made arrangements with the Trust well in advance.
  • The Trust can often place a pet who has lost its owner with an elderly person who has lost a pet.
  • The Trust has established two pet sanctuaries in Devon and Cornwall which are set up to feel like an average household (ie no kennels or cages) and have a fully qualified veterinary nurse in charge.
  • The Trust has a Register of Pet Friendly Care Homes. This lists all types of accommodation for the elderly which are happy to accept pets with residents. Contact the Trust for a list in your local area.
Owners, relatives, friends and professional carers and health professionals should contact the Trust at the above address for help and to arrange local voluntary assistance where possible.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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