Conquest Art

Conquest Art Centre
Cox Lane Day Centre
Cox Lane
West Ewell
KT19 9PL

Tel: 020 8397 6157 Web:

The aims of Conquest Art are the relief and rehabilitation of physically disabled people by helping them to live fuller and more active lives through participation in creative art activity. The following activities are offered:
  • Art classes are held.
  • Exhibitions are organised.
  • Talks are given on request.
  • Training days for occupational therapists, potential leaders and helpers, activities organisers in nursing and residential homes and resource centres.
  • A magazine for members is issued at least three times a year which is available on tape for visually impaired members.
There are Conquest Art classes primarily in the South of England but also in Merseyside. However, any physically disabled person is welcome to join as an independent member. Anyone interested in supporting the work of the charity can become a "Friend of Conquest Art".

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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