Cued Speech Association UK

9 Jawbone Hill

Tel (voice & textphone): 01803 832 784

Cued Speech Association UK offers information, support and training for parents and professionals.

  • Cued Speech is a simple system using eight hand-shapes in four positions near the mouth; in conjunction with the lip patterns of normal speech; to clarify lipreading for deaf babies and children.
  • It can be learnt in only 20 hours.
  • Even with modern hearing aids or cochlear implants many deaf children cannot hear all the sounds of speech and it is only possible to lipread 35% of what is said.
  • Research has proven that with Cued Speech lipreading levels rise to 96%.
Cued Speech gives an exact representation of spoken language in real time. Deaf babies and children can see spoken language in the same way as hearing people hear it. This enables them to access and understand spoken language through vision in a similar way and speed as hearing children. As a result of this they are able to develop their inner language and improve literacy, lip-reading and speech. Research shows that deaf children brought up with Cued Speech have reading levels equal to hearing children.

Cued Speech can also help deafened people communicate in English and D-deaf people (British Sign Language-using community) who want to improve their English. In addition it can be effective in helping hearing people with speech and language difficulties. It can be used with an aural approach or in addition to sign language.

Cued Speech provides information (both printed and through their website), UK-wide training courses and free e-learning.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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