Cult Information Centre

BCM Cults

Tel: 0845 4500 868

The Cult Information Centre (CIC) is an educational charity. It is concerned about the use of deceptive and manipulative methods used by cults to recruit and indoctrinate unsuspecting members of society. It believes that these cult methods present a threat to the well-being of the individual and their family. The CIC's main aims and activities are as follows:
  • To increase awareness in society of the deceptive and psychologically coercive recruitment methods used by cults.
  • To give talks, lectures and seminars on the dangers of cults to educational institutions, associations, corporations and the religious community.
  • To assist individuals and families damaged by cults and offers both national and international contacts for further information where needed.
CIC has established an international network of reliable cult aware contacts, particularly in the western world. Basic information on cultism is available free of charge to enquirers. It has also published a booklet called 'Cults: A Practical Guide' which aims to cover all the key issues and is available by post.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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