DEMAND - Design and Manufacture for Disability

The Old Chapel
Mallard Road
Abbots Langley

Tel: 01923 681800 Web:

DEMAND provide specially designed equipment for people with disabilities where no other source exists.

They also provide an information service guiding people to existing sources of equipment, and they improve and repair equipment already in use. They also encourage interest in design for disability through close ties with universities and annual student placements to work with their design team

They work closely with the very limited number of charities that exist with similar objectives to ensure that they are both effective and efficient, and they recently established a forum to promote co-operation and collaboration.

In the last five years they have completed more than three hundred major projects in addition to satisfying thousands of requests for information, improvement and repair. Their projects satisfy a wide range of needs, from basic mobility, seating, sleeping and bathing requirements, through aids to recovery from disabling injury, to equality of life and opportunity.

The equipment they supply is produced with great care, taking into account the needs of the individual concerned (and where appropriate their parents or carers) and their medical advisers. They do not charge for equipment supplied to individuals, who quite often would be unable to pay. They manage to do this thanks to generous support from donors.

The number of disabled people is increasing year on year, and to match that they aim to increase the number and range of their projects each year. If you have a requirement for equipment and cannot find a solution, or if you would like them to visit you please contact the above.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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