DMF - The Disabled Motorists Federation

145 Knoulberry Road
Tyne & Wear
NE37 1JN

Tel: 0191 416 3172

The Disabled Motorists Federation was originally formed by a number of independent small, local, disabled motorists clubs in the Midlands. The heart of the Federation consists of 12 independent clubs, plus an affiliated club based in Moscow. These are situated all over the country, they meet on a regular basis, and arrange outings for their members. They attempt to influence local councils to provide better resources for the disabled, especially in connection with motoring.

The Federation can offer free advice on selecting the correct type of vehicle, vehicle modification and travel by motor vehicle in general to all disabled people and their carer. They can also advise on all aspects of travel, including holiday travel and how to plan the same. In addition they try to campaign on such things as trying to persuade hotel and travel companies to use the correct symbols for disabled on their advertising and brochures.

The cost of joining a local club varies from club to club, as do the facilities, but membership can include discounts on home, holiday and vehicle insurance. Please contact the Federation for further details. The federation holds an individual membership for people who prefer not to join a club at a cost of £14.00 per annum.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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