Disabled Workers Co-operative

130 Wells Road
Glastonbury Somerset BA6 9AQ

Web: www.disabledworkers.org.uk

The Disabled Workers Co-operative is a registered charity that helps disabled people to help themselves. Their aim is to raise the independence of disabled people by enabling them to take an active role in the economy and and to raise awareness of the contribution that disabled people can make to society.

Their services include the following:

On-line database of the skills, services and products disabled people have to offer. Disabled people are able to register the skills, products, or services they have to offer free on the database. The database is free for anyone to use.

e-Jobs portal - where employers who wish to go beyond having an equal opportunity policy and actively encourage more disabled applicants can promote their vacancies directly to disabled job seekers. Disabled job seekers who are able to search free have the confidence that the positions have been posted by employers who are going to take their application seriously.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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