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Web: www.disabledgo.com

DisabledGo was founded to empower disabled people to judge for themselves which venues are suitable for their own individual needs. It's about putting the control with disabled people themselves.

The information provided by DisabledGo in the Detailed Access Guides is designed to provide the broadest range of access information for a wide range of disabled people. The information is designed to empower disabled people to make their own informed decisions as to the usability of the venue based on their own particular access requirements.

You may find venues which are totally unsuitable for your disability but they will have relevance for other people's impairments. Additionally, their research has shown that sometimes it is as important to know what is not accessible to your own individual circumstances as to know what is. That way, journeys are not wasted and evenings are not ruined.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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