Disaway Trust

55 Tolworth Park Road

Tel: 020 8390 2576
Web: www.disaway.co.uk

The Disaway Trust is a charity that provides group holidays for physically disabled people. The Trust is run by a committee of volunteers and is entirely supported by voluntary help and contributions. The Trust is able to accommodate people with most kinds of physical disability aged between 16 and 80. Every applicant is required to complete a medical form and acceptance for the holiday is at the discretion of the medical officer. Each disabled person will be attended by at least one helper and applicants are welcome to bring their own helper if they wish.

Disaway relies on voluntary help to achieve its objectives of providing disabled people with holidays. Each helper looks after the needs of one holiday-maker. This will include helping with amongst other things; washing, feeding, dressing and helping in the toilet. It is the helper's responsibility to ensure that the holiday-maker gains the maximum possible enjoyment from the holiday. Members of the Disaway committee are always on the holidays as volunteers and can help with advice, guidance and support. Should the helper be inexperienced Disaway endeavours to allocate them with a holiday-maker needing minimal care. Every effort is made to match helpers and holiday-makers with similar interests. The minimum age limit for helpers is 18 years of age.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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