Ear Foundation

Marjorie Sherman House
83 Sherwin Road

Tel (voice and text): 0115 942 1985
Fax: 0115 924 9054
Web: www.earfoundation.org.uk

The strategic aim of the Ear Foundation is to provide advice and support to the UK's rapidly growing community of deaf children and young people with cochlear implants, together with their parents, carers and local professionals, to enable all appropriate deaf children and young people to realise independence and educational & social inclusion with their hearing peers.

A hospital-based programme alone cannot meet the needs of these children and their families. In its Children's Cochlear Implant Centre, the Ear Foundation uniquely bridges the gap between the work of the specialist clinic and the child's community, where the implant will be used in everyday communication.

There is a full programme of courses for parents, families, children, young people and professionals, which take place throughout the year. People attending these courses come from all over the UK; and information is sought from the 'Frequently Asked Questions' page on the website.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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