Epilepsy Connections

100 Wellington Street
G2 6DH

Tel: 0141 248 4125
Fax: 0141 248 5887
Web: www.epilepsyconnections.org.uk

Epilepsy Connections provides community-based support to people living with epilepsy in the Greater Glasgow and Forth Valley areas. Their current activities and services include:
  • Information on a wide range of epilepsy issues.
  • Fieldwork support for individuals and families.
  • Befriending.
  • Multicultural Project, which provides bilingual and culturally sensitive information and support to people affected by epilepsy within ethnic minority communities.
  • Schools Project, which provides epilepsy awareness education programmes for schools communities.
  • Mainstreaming Project, which offers adults with epilepsy the chance to access education, training, voluntary and paid employment.
  • Epilepsy awareness and first aid educational training packages, including the administration of emergency rescue medication.
  • Friends Connected, a social group which meets every 6 weeks for outings in the Glasgow area.
  • Various workshops on offer throughout the year, including memory and confidence building.
  • Children's activities.
  • Volunteering opportunities.
Their website is for anyone with an interest in epilepsy and in particular for those living in the Greater Glasgow and Forth Valley areas who want to find out more about or take part in Epilepsy Connections activities.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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