European Association for the Treatment of Addiction (UK)

1st Floor
1 Regent Terrace
Rita Road

Tel: 020 7820 8130

European Association for the Treatment of Addiction (UK) - eATA - is one of the largest membership organisations for the independent drug and alcohol treatment and aftercare sector. Their aim is to ensure that people with substance dependencies get the treatment they need. They work with providers, referrers, commissioners and policymakers to improve access and quality in the sector. Through their presence on working groups and at consultation events, eATA is able to continually raise the concerns and needs of the independent sector.

Their goals are to:
  • Increase the level of treatment provision.
  • Reduce delays in accessing treatment.
  • Improve the appropriateness of referrals.
  • Enhance standards of treatment delivery.
They seek to achieve these goals by:
  • Improving awareness of the treatment needs of people dependent on drugs and alcohol.
  • Encouraging and aiding the development of policies to improve treatment access and quality.
  • Advising on and promoting best practice in the purchase & provision of treatment services.
eATA runs a wide range of activities and services for their members. These include regional meetings to provide quality drug and alcohol treatment information, regular briefings on the latest developments in the field, encouraging informed debate among members working on the ground, support for performance management and evaluation, the Accreditation Scheme, the CRB checks service, dissemination of policy and research, guidance and best practice, discounts, and regular newsletters and updates on the latest developments in the sector.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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