Eyecare Trust

PO Box 804
HP20 9DF

Tel: 0845 129 5001 Web: www.eyecaretrust.org.uk

The Eyecare Trust was set up to act as an independent source of information on all eye-related issues, with the key task of raising public awareness about the importance of regular eyecare, as well as the enjoyment and benefits to be had from using quality eyewear.

There is a range of information available on their website. For example, there are sections called:
  • Eye care advice - provides general eyecare advice for looking after your eyes.
  • Eye disorders - a listing of common eye complaints, disorders and diseases.
  • Eye wear advice - advice choosing your eyewear.
  • Eye treatments - find out about the many treatments available to help your eyesight.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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