Families Anonymous

The Doddington and Rollo Community Association
Charlotte Despard Avenue
SW11 5HD

Tel (Helpline): 0845 1200 660 (1-4pm & 6-10pm Mon-Friday, 2-10pm weekends)
Web: www.famanon.org.uk

Families Anonymous is a fellowship of self help groups for those concerned about drug abuse, or related behavioural problems of a relative or friend. It is based on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and was started in this country in 1980. About 60 groups now meet every week in various parts of the country.

First names only are used as it is an anonymous group. The weekly meetings are held regularly throughout the year. Newcomers are welcome without prior arrangements and will not be urged to participate in the group discussions but may join in and ask questions if they so wish. It is completely independent, non-professional and anonymous.

Families Anonymous has a range of literature available by mail order. Contact the above address or telephone number for a full literature list including descriptions, prices and order form. Titles include the following.
  • Tough Love
  • The Twelve Steps of Families Anonymous
  • Guide for the Family of the Drug Abuser
  • A Recovering Addict Comes Home
  • A Father Faces Drug Abuse
  • Twelve Step Workbook
  • Does Someone You Care About Use Drugs?

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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