Fast Forward

4 Bernard Street

Tel: 0131 554 4300

Fast Forward is a national voluntary organisation based in Edinburgh who promote health and well-being, through education by, with and for young people. They have been active for over twenty years and their areas of expertise include:
  • Developing and promoting peer education.
  • Substance misuse education and prevention (drugs, alcohol and tobacco).
  • Promoting volunteering by young people.
  • Promoting the engagement of young people in all aspects of health and well-being.
  • Capacity building in communities and agencies.
  • Providing training to adults, practitioners and young people.
  • Providing innovative resources and publications.
Fast Forward’s current work includes a range of projects and services:
  • Peer Education - they believe that young people are often more likely to listen and respond to information given by their peers rather than to a 'lecture' delivered by adults.
  • Fast Forward’s Edinburgh Team, which aims to:
    • Increase young people's knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions around consumption of alcohol, and drugs.
    • Increase parents knowledge and confidence to interact with their children around alcohol issues and safe drinking, and drugs.
    • Increase & build the capacity of practitioners from youth services/agencies across Edinburgh to respond to issues related to alcohol & drug use.
  • BME Health and Diversity Project - Fast Forward’s work with black and minority ethnic communities is focused on promoting health and building capacity and awareness to deliver health and substance focused work within agencies working with young people.
  • Volunteers Programme - young people aged 16-25 from a wide range of backgrounds are recruited as volunteers and trained in relevant skills, groupwork and presentation skills.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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