Grace Care

Orchard House

Tel (Information Helpline): 0800 137 669 Tel (Admin): 01483 203066

When people find themselves in a situation in which decisions have to be made about long-term care, they need practical, experienced and independent advice. For 30 years Grace Consulting have been advising elderly people and their families on long-term care options.

To help people find the right care solution, Grace Consulting will review their situation and requirements, identify the range of care options available, and help people select the right care option for the present and for the future. Experienced staff are professional and sympathetic towards the emotional and practical problems that decisions about long-term care can cause. Staff can also advise on statutory rights, and the legal, financial and property issues surrounding long-term care.

Each situation is different. Grace Consulting charges fees which are generally considerably lower than the cost of just one week in care. For further details, contact a care adviser on the 0800 number above.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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