Halliwick Association of Swimming Therapy

c/o ADKC Centre
Whitstable House
Silchester Road
W10 6SB

Tel: 01727 825 524 Web: www.halliwick.org.uk

The Halliwick Association of Swimming Therapy is a national organisation and registered charity with clubs throughout the British Isles. The Halliwick Concept is a method of teaching water skills and swimming to people with disabilities. The Halliwick Concept can help people with physical, sensory, communication, learning or age-related problems as well as those who are frightened of water. The method is well-proven and enjoyable. Features include the following:
  • Building on what people can do in easy steps.
  • Having someone to help in the water initially.
  • Group activities.
  • Structured but flexible to suit individual.
Training is offered to helpers wishing to become instructors. Halliwick AST produces videos, booklets and leaflets including Swimming for People with Disabilities available from the address above, bookshops and libraries. Contact the organisation for details of local clubs.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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