Hampshire Autistic Society

1634 Parkway
Solent Business Park
PO15 7AH

Tel: 01489 880881
Web: www.has.org.uk

The Society is an Independent Regional Charity. Their Head Office is situated in the south of Hampshire, as are the school and residential services, but many of the children and adults who use the services come from out of Hampshire County.

The Society offers direct services to over 100 children and adults on the autistic spectrum, as well as providing outreach support to many more. All pupils and residents are taught and cared for in very homely surroundings by over 200 autism-specific trained staff. A robust development of services is a priority as the need for services in the region vastly outweigh those that they are able to currently offer. Currently it is estimated that more than 16,000 people are affected by autism in Hampshire alone, however in order to develop their range of services and support, the Society greatly depends on donated income.

Their objective is that the Society becomes a Centre of Excellence offering choice and opportunities; providing expert advice, education, support and care; enabling people with autism to achieve their full potential.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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