Hearing Voices Network

Limbrick Centre
Limbrick Road
S6 2PE

Tel (Helpline): 0114 2718210
Tel (Office): 0114 2718210 / 07714930740 Web: www.hearing-voices.org

Hearing Voices Network has the following aims.
  • To support a national network of people who hear voices to better understand the experience, alongside workers, families and friends.
  • To set up self-help groups of voice hearers to share experiences and discuss strategies for coping with voices.
  • To educate society about the meaning of voices to reduce ignorance and anxiety.
  • To develop a range of non-medical ways of assisting people to cope with their voices.
  • To bring together voice hearers who have not been in contact with Psychiatric services with those people experiencing distress.
The Network produces an information pack and a publications list. There are 189 self-help groups in England and Scotland providing membership, newsletters and publications. The Network also holds conferences and seminars. Contact the above address for further information and membership details. Donations are welcomed.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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