32 Little Heath

Tel: 03300 224 466 (local rate number)
Web: www.heartline.org.uk

Heartline is a voluntary organisation set up to offer help and support to children with heart disorders and their families regardless of how slight or severe the condition may be. Having a baby or child with a heart disorder can be very stressful, particularly at the time of diagnosis, before surgery and postoperatively. It may be helpful to talk to another parent who has experienced a similar situation and understands how you feel. The Association aims to provide the following.

Information - on congenital heart defects in the form of fact sheets about different disorders, education, exercise, feeding problems. preparation for surgery, etc. There is also a book, Heart Children, which is a practical handbook for parents covering all aspects of having a heart child including heart conditions, living with a heart child, hospitalisation, benefits etc. The book is available from the office (please contact Heartline to check on price before ordering).

Contact - between families by the maintenance of website forum, social events and a regular newsletter.

Support - through a website forum, email and telephone - information sent to hospitals where children diagnosed.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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