Homeshare International

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Homeshare is a simple way of helping people to help each other. A Homeshare involves two people with different sets of needs, both of whom also having something to offer. Firstly, people who have a home that they are willing to share but are at a stage in their life where they need some help and support. These people are known as Householders. Secondly, people who need accommodation and who are willing to give some help in exchange for somewhere to stay. These people are known as Homesharers. By putting these two people together Homeshare manages to find the Householder the help, support and security they need. At the same time Homeshare finds the Homesharer a place to call home, possibly rent free and maybe in an area or property that would have been financially out of their reach. Both people, their families and communities benefit from the arrangement and the costs are very low.

Homeshare is run by a Homeshare Programme that employs a Homeshare Co-ordinator. The Co-ordinator has the task of finding suitable Householders and Homesharers and introducing them to each other. Co-ordinators also provide any help and support that the Householder or Homesharer need in order to keep the Homeshare arrangement working well for both parties.

Homeshare International does not run a programme but there are currently Homeshare Programmes in England in Wiltshire, Bristol, Somerset, London and Cumbria. NAAPS (The National Association of Adult Placement Schemes) runs the UK Homeshare Association and is able to supply information about Homeshare in the UK and give contact details.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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