What is horsesmouth?

Horsesmouth is a free, social networking site with a real social purpose. It enables secure, private one-to-one mentoring relationships between private individuals sharing the wisdom from their personal experiences.

Horsesmouth does not offer professional advice. Their mentors may be professionals in their own right, but when they register they are operating in a personal capacity and profile themselves according to their own perspective. Nor do they host discussion forums and chatrooms - conversations are one-to-one and people can choose who to talk to via their profiles.

However, they do encourage people to share their conversations with the community and to publish their 'Pearls of wisdom' for all members to browse.

What is horsesmouth for?

It's a place where as a member you can find someone to inspire, support or advise you on the challenges you are facing from the perspective of someone who's 'been there, done that'. Or as a mentor, you can give something back by sharing your life lessons with others facing the same thing.

Who is horsesmouth for?

Anyone with life experiences, achievements or lessons learned can be a horsesmouth mentor, and anyone with a life could be a horsesmouth member.

Who funds horsesmouth?

Edge, the independent, charitable foundation devoted to raising the status of practical and vocational learning, has provided funding to help launch horsesmouth. This funding has been matched by v, the independent charity launched to campaign youth volunteering in England.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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