Hyperekplexia Contact Group

216 Westcott Crescent
W7 1NU

Tel: 020 8578 0456 (after 6pm, Monday - Friday)

Hyperekplexia is a rare hereditary neurological disorder. Individuals with this disorder have an excessive startle reaction to sudden noise, movement or touch. There are other associated symptoms. Hyperekplexia may also be known as: startle disease, stiff baby syndrome, exaggerated startle reaction, familial startle disease. The Hyperekplexia Contact Group is a small group of families with affected children. The Group has the following aims.
  • Provide a listening ear to other families.
  • Raise awareness of hyperekplexia.
  • Educate professionals.
  • Keep up to date with current information and research into hyperekplexia.
The group produces a leaflet describing its activities and the condition itself. It also has copies of some clinical information. Please send a stamped addressed envelope when requesting information.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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