Academy House
1346 Shettleston Road
G32 9AT

Tel: 0141 763 3860

Includem works with Scotlands most vulnerable young people. They are committed to their key founding principles to challenge offending behaviour, support young people and develop hope for the future through one to one relationships.

Values & Principles:
  • They positively like and value young people and care for, and about, them as individuals.
  • They believe in the potential for young people to change and develop if they get the right help for their problems.
  • They believe in the right of the most excluded young people in Scotland to access services which meet their needs, and are committed to providing services which are responsive and tailored to feedback from young people.
  • They believe that the voice of the most excluded young people in Scotland should be heard and that they have a role in facilitating and supporting this.
  • They believe in the transformative power of positive respectful relationships as the cornerstone of effective long-term interventions and have experience and evidence to support this belief.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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