Independent Age

6 Avonmore Road London W14 8RL

Tel: 020 7605 4200 Fax: 020 7605 4201 Web:

Independent Age is a unique charity, providing lifelong support to older people on very low incomes. They provide information and advice, practical help and emergency financial aid through their network of staff and dedicated volunteers across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Just as importantly, they offer friendship and the chance to socialise to those who are lonely and isolated.

Their main aim is to help older people on low incomes to live with dignity and peace of mind by providing:
  • A regular extra income for life.
  • Grants for emergencies.
  • Equipment to aid independence.
  • The support and friendship of volunteers.
  • Nursing and residential care.
Independent Age supports people over 70 who have made a sustained and significant contribution to their community. Contact the above or visit their website for further details.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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