Keytools Ltd

Abacus House
1 Spring Crescent
SO17 2FZ

Tel: 023 8029 4500

In the UK the vast majority of jobs now require people to work for long periods at a computer. The impact of this working environment can be very detrimental unless the human computer interface is correctly optimised. In the UK it is estimated that over half of all people who work with computers suffer health problems as a result.

Keytools staff have a vast experience of helping people and communities to use computers without risking their health and enabling them to achieve their goals. Keytools expertise in assistive technology for facilitating computer access has helped many thousands of people.

Keytools has created the most comprehensive source of devices and software in the world. Whatever the challenge or need, you can be assured that Keytools will have a suitable product that will help.

Their mission is to "make IT easier"
  • By improving the human-computer interface.
  • By providing the resources that create effective computer access for individuals and for whole organisations.
  • By promoting awareness of healthy computer use, preventative and rehabilitative strategies.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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