Lead Scotland - Linking Education and Disability

Princes House
5 Shandwick Place

Tel: 0131 228 9441
Web: www.lead.org.uk

Lead Scotland enables disabled adults and carers to access learning opportunities. Services seek both to stimulate the demand for learning and to create awareness among learning providers about the barriers to inclusion for many disabled people and carers. Features of the service include the following:
  • Home or community based support for the learner.
  • An individual action plan, drawn up by the potential student and Lead Scotland Learning Coordinator following initial discussions on interests, leisure, and education pursuits.
  • Volunteer support from a network of trained volunteers who offer a variety of services including classroom buddies, reading, and home-based practical support.
  • Computer home-loan service.
Lead Scotland is also involved with raising awareness and policy development in disability issues.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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