Learn and Live

Tel: 01384 292571
Web: www.learnandlive.org.uk

Learn and Live is a not for profit organisation, formed in 1989 to improve road safety among young and newly qualified drivers and their passengers where illegal driving was not a contributing factor.

Learn and Live was started by bereaved parents who have lost youngsters in road accidents, with the objective of lobbying 'for common-sense measures to make learning to drive a safer process and save other families from losing a beloved son or daughter'. The website includes information on past achievements and the following aims. To raise awareness of these vital issues:
  • Display of compulsory 'P' plates.
  • Graduated driving licences (GDL).
  • Hazard perception testing.
  • Instruction on motorway, night driving and skid control.
  • Restrictions on the driving of high-powered cars.
  • Limits on the number of young passengers.
  • Access to off-road tuition before taking to public roads.
  • Education & publicity aimed at parents and learner/novice drivers.
  • Promotion of a well-designed voluntary 'P' plate in advance of any legislation.
A sympathetic ear is available for bereaved families.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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