Legal Services Agency Ltd

3rd Floor
Fleming House
134 Renfrew Street
G3 6ST

Tel: 0141 353 3354

Legal Services Agency Ltd (LSA) aims to assist those in disadvantage who suffer injustice. LSA particularly concentrates on housing, asylum, mental health and social welfare law generally but also deals with other areas of the law. LSA is not only one of Scotland's major legal educators through its publications and seminars but also is a key source of legal research, advice and representation for those in disadvantage.

The vision statement of LSA is:
  • LSA aims to tackle the unmet legal needs of those in any form of disadvantage throughout Scotland so that everyone may enjoy full citizenship.
  • LSA does this by advice, representation in courts and tribunals, research, publishing, seminars and education.
  • LSA particularly works in the fields of preventing homelessness, housing law, criminal injuries compensation, mental health, dementia, community care, asylum/human rights and, generally, social welfare law.
  • LSA aspires to undertake its work to a high standard and in a fashion that enhances the fulfilment of the community as a whole, as well as of the individuals involved, whether client, employee, manager or volunteer.
  • LSA carries out its work fully mindful of human rights in the wider sense and subscribes to the founding principle of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to the effect that a pre-condition of peace is that fundamental rights are respected.
  • LSA is a charity ultimately accountable to its members.
Mental Health Legal Representation Project (Strathclyde) provides legal advice and representation to people with mental health problems, acquired brain injury and dementia, their families and carers in the area covered by the former Strathclyde region.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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