Look Good Feel Better

West Hill House
32 West Hill
KT19 8JD

Tel: 01372 747500
Web: www.lgfb.co.uk

Look Good...Feel Better is a national support programme offering skincare and make-up workshops and self help materials for women to help combat the visible side effects of cancer treatment and, in turn, boost self esteem and wellbeing. For many women one of the most distressing things about undergoing cancer treatment is the changes it causes to their looks. Losing hair can be devastating and demoralising but to lose eyebrows and eyelashes saps their confidence and ability to keep going with their 'normal' lives. Look Good...Feel Better aims to bring back a feeling of normality to women of all ages.

The Look Good...Feel Better Confidence Kit is a self-help DVD and booklet presented by a team of experts in skincare, make-up, wigs, scarves and nail care. All the information carried in both the DVD and booklet has been built up through over 15 years of supporting cancer patients all over the world. It also includes a helpful directory of cancer support groups and other organisations. The Confidence Kit makes a perfect present or treat for yourself if you are going through cancer treatment.

Look Good...Feel Better workshops are held in over 60 hospitals across the UK and provide uplifting skincare and make-up workshops hosted by trained beauty consultants. At the end of two hours of learning, fun and laughter, ladies leave feeling relaxed and full of renewed confidence in their appearance.

Since it launched over 15 years ago, more than 85,000 women have benefitted from its unique and very practical service.

To find out more about the LGFB Confidence Kit or to find a workshop in your area please visit their website or contact the above.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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