Anaphylaxis Campaign

1 Alexandra Road
GU14 6BU

Tel: (Helpline) 01252 542029, (Admin) 01252 546100


The Anaphylaxis Campaign was set up to raise awareness of life threatening food allergies, particularly nut allergies. They offer information and guidance to patients and update their knowledge regularly by working closely with the food industry, medical profession and government. The Campaign provides factsheets and web-based information on the above site, including information on the following topics:

  • Anaphylaxis - what it is and how to deal with it
  • Some commonly asked questions - with their answers
  • Product alerts and recalls
  • Information on anaphylaxis and schools
  • Nut allergy: guidance for 11-19 year olds
  • Food-induced anaphylaxis: guidance for dietitians
  • Peanut allergy: guidance for midwives and health visitors
  • The Anaphylaxis News Magazine
  • Managing food allergy

They also have information for people allergic to bee and wasp venom and have produced factsheets on idiopathic anaphylaxis and drug anaphylaxis, as well as factsheets on many common food allergies.

The site also provides news and information on food products and links to other sources of information.

Last updated on 26/02/2014

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