BDA - British Deaf Association

3rd Floor
356 Holloway Road
N7 6PA

Tel: (SMS/FaceTime) 07795 410 724, (Phone) 020 7697 4140


The BDA (British Deaf Association) is a UK charitable organisation that is run by deaf people. They represent the sign language community, which is united by shared experiences, history and, most importantly, by British Sign Language (BSL).

The BDA wants to see a society where sign language users have the same rights, responsibilities, opportunities and quality of life as everyone else. BSL was recognised as an official British language on 18th March 2003, but it still does not have any legal protection. This means that deaf sign language users do not have full access to vital information and services, including education, health and employment. They want to see an end to this.

The BDA is campaigning for the legislation of BSL. They are also working to gain the right for all deaf children to receive bilingual education, using BSL and English, and the right to quality and choice in education.

Last updated on 14/08/2015

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