Behçet's Syndrome Society

Kemp House
152 - 160 City Road

Tel: (Helpline) 0845 130 7329 (Admin) 0845 130 7328


The Behçet's Syndrome Society, a registered charity, aims:

  • To provide information and support for people with Behçet's disease and for those who care for them.
  • To provide financial aid in hardship caused by Behçet's disease.
  • To foster education, collaboration and networking in the medical and allied professions with an interest in Behçet's disease.
  • To promote and assist with research into Behçet's disease.
  • To promote the formation of patient support groups and awareness of this rare disease amongst the appropriate influential institutions, authorities and decision-making bodies, and to provide them with detailed information about Behçet's disease.

Last updated on 08/12/2015

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