Bipolar Scotland

Studio 1015, Mile End Mill
Abbey Mill Business Centre
Seedhill Road

Tel: 0141 560 2050


Bipolar Scotland is a membership-based voluntary sector organisation which aims to provide information, support and advice for people affected by bipolar disorder, their carers and others with an interest in its work.

Bipolar scotland’s work covers the following areas:

  • Support for a network of self-help groups throughout Scotland.
  • Promoting and running Self-Management Training courses.
  • Providing information on bipolar disorder (through the website, books information booklets, leaflets and a quarterly newsletter).
  • Providing training and talks to various organisations/groups.
  • Representation and in-put to national and local committees/forums.
  • Providing in-put to research projects.
  • Contributing to both statutory and independent sector reports on mental health services.

Last updated on 29/05/2013

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