Bronchiectasis Help

A 'leaflet-style' website, focusing on patient self-management. The content has been written with the aim of providing information 'for everyday people, in a very patient-friendly style'. The leaflet can be read online or printed off. 

The site was constructed with the support of the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland, which awards sums of money, both to groups and individuals, to promote and encourage self-management of chronic disease. The site offers a wide range of information and advice, with contributions from healthcare professionals, and patient and carer perspectives.  Areas included are:

  • Useful websites.
  • Forums.
  • NHS information.
  • Self-management of bronchiectasis symptoms.
  • Understanding the condition.
  • Definition of a variety of symptoms.
  • Medication, tests and equipment relating to bronchiectasis treatment.
  • A contact survey page, encouraging information sharing, feedback and content contribution.

Last updated on 18/09/2014

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