BVA - The British Voice Association

330 Gray's Inn Road

Tel: 0300 123 2773


The British Voice Association (BVA), a registered charity, is a group of over 600 multi-disciplinary professionals working to promote the field of voice in its broadest sense.  Their aims and objectives are to:

  • Provide multi-disciplinary education through symposia, conferences, workshops, training courses and interactive study days.
  • Encourage voice research and cutting edge practice through prizes, lectures, courses, newsletter and website.
  • Provide their members with downloadable information leaflets on vocal health and vocal conditions for distribution to patients and clients.
  • Support people with vocal problems by providing information and advice through their 'Ask the BVA' service, information leaflets and online directory of voice clinics in the UK.
  • Encourage greater awareness among the general public of voice disorders and the importance of good vocal health and communication.

Last updated on 30/04/2015

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