Child Growth Foundation

21 Malvern Drive
Sutton Coldfield
B76 1PZ

Tel: 0208 995 0257


The Child Growth Foundation is the charity that cares throughout life for the children who do not grow, or grow too much, and is also the umbrella organisation for the following support groups.

  • Growth Hormone Insufficiency & Multiple Pituitary Hormone Deficiency
  • Turner's Syndrome
  • IUGR
  • Russel Silver Syndrome
  • Bone Dysplasia
  • SOTOS Syndrome
  • PSM

Among other things, the Child Growth Foundation helps to publicise and promote a wide understanding of the consequences of the extremes of height. Children who fail to grow or grow too much - and even those who are naturally very tall or short - may suffer socially and psychologically as well as medically. Members also have the chance to share their cares with others through a nationwide network, receive regular information, and obtain free entry to the foundations conventions.

If a parent is concerned about any children who may be taller or shorter than they should be, then send an A4 stamped addressed envelope to the foundation. A growth assessment chart will be sent on which you can check if the child's growth is normal or not. If it is not then information on what to do next is available.

Last updated on 10/03/2014

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