Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation

74a Station Road East

Tel: 01883 713922


The Children's Cancer Recovery Project offers practical support, understanding and comfort to children and families affected by cancer. The services offered have been developed thanks to in-depth research and conversations with parents about what their children need, and how they can helped. Services offered have been designed to:

  • Provide immediate support to the family of children affected by cancer.
  • Offer practical support to these families, so that they can focus on recovery and wellness and not financial concerns.
  • Help the children and their siblings to smile and forget the illness wherever possible.
  • Reward the bravery of children undergoing cancer treatment.
  • Allow children who are in hospital for extended periods of time to develop the skills they will need in the future.
  • Support play therapists and paediatric wards with the tools they need to keep children smiling, distracted and learning.
  • Offer families with children in hospices the opportunity to form happy and lasting memories.

Last updated on 30/10/2012

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